Aesthetic is a powerful type-safe, framework agnostic, CSS-in-JS library for styling components, whether it be with plain objects, importing style sheets, or simply referencing external class names. Simply put, Aesthetic is an abstraction layer for the compilation of styles via third-party libraries, all the while providing customizability, theming, and a unified syntax.

Aesthetic was built for the sole purpose of solving the following scenarios, most of which competing styling libraries fail to solve.

Framework agnostic integration

Do you use React? Or Vue? Did you migrate between the two, or another framework? Aesthetic aims to support all frameworks, so the same concepts and styling guarantees are provided throughout.

Multiple styling patterns

Want to use external CSS or Sass files? Or maybe CSS modules? Or perhaps CSS-in-JS? What about JSS instead of Aphrodite? All of these patterns and choices are supported through the use of adapters. However, inline styles are not supported as we prefer the more performant option of compiling styles and attaching them to the DOM.

Styling third-party libraries

Using a third-party provided UI component library has the unintended side-effect of hard-coded and non-customizable styles, and unwanted files within your bundle. Aesthetic solves this by allowing consumers to extend and inherit styles from the provided base component.

import React from 'react';
import withStyles, { WithStylesProps } from './withStyles';
export type Props = {
children: NonNullable<React.ReactNode>;
export type State = {
animating: boolean;
class Carousel extends React.Component<Props & WithStylesProps, State> {
// ...
render() {
const { children, cx, styles } = this.props;
const { animating } = this.state;
return (
<div role="tablist" className={cx(styles.carousel, animating && styles.carousel__animating)}>
<ul className={cx(styles.list)}>{children}</ul>
<button type="button" onClick={this.handlePrev} className={cx(styles.button, styles.prev)}>
<button type="button" onClick={this.handleNext} className={cx(styles.button,}>
export default withStyles(theme => ({
carousel: {
position: 'relative',
maxWidth: '100%',
padding: theme.unit,
// ...
carousel__animating: {},
list: {},
button: {},
prev: {},
next: {},