Manage dev and build tools, their configuration, and commands in a single centralized repository. Beemo aims to solve the multi-project maintenance fatigue by removing the following burdens across all projects: config and dotfile management, multiple config patterns, up-to-date development dependencies, continuous copy and paste, and more.


  • Manage dev tools and configurations in a single repository.

  • Configure supported dev tools using .js files.

  • Customize and alter config at runtime with CLI options.

  • Pass custom CLI options to dev tool commands without failure.

  • Automatically expand glob patterns (a better alternative to bash).

  • Listen to and act upon events.

  • Easily share config between dev tools.

  • Avoid relative config or extend paths.

  • Automatic config file cleanup.

  • Custom scripts with CLI options.

  • Scaffolding and template generation.

  • Workspaces (monorepo) support.

  • Parallel, pooled, and prioritized builds.

  • And much more.


  • Node 8.9+

  • GitHub, Bitbucket, or another VCS