Provides Mocha support by dynamically generating a mocha.opts config file.

yarn add @beemo/driver-mocha mocha


  • Mocha ^6.0.0 || ^7.0.0


In your configuration module, install the driver and Mocha. Create a file at configs/mocha.js or lib/configs/mocha.js in which to house your Mocha configuration.

In your consuming project, enable the driver by adding mocha to your drivers config.

"beemo": {
"module": "@<username>/dev-tools",
"drivers": ["mocha"]

Config Format

In Beemo, Mocha is configured using a JavaScript file, and not the mocha.opts file. To support this, the following conventions must be followed.

  • Properties are snake case (underscored instead of dashed).

  • Options with multiple values are defined as an array of strings.

  • Shorthand flags are not supported (example: use --colors instead of -c).

An example:

// configs/mocha.js
module.exports = {
check_leaks: true,
colors: true,
full_trace: true,
reporter: 'nyan',
watch_extensions: ['.jsx', '.mjs'],